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Original Handmade Caramels - 110 Pieces

Slowly cooked in copper pots, our buttery caramels have a taste that will take you back to simpler times! Times when grandma made caramels for you, but she only did it for special occasions. Now you can have handmade caramels whenever you want to, everyday maybe! Made by hand with real ingredients, All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Chocolate Handmade Caramels - 110 Pieces

Chocolate and slow-cooked caramel collide in this two-bite wonder. Rich cocoa infuses buttery caramel with just enough flavor to be a bit naughty. Because sometimes you need to go a little wild and eat two of the BEST things together at the exact same time. All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Butter Rum Handmade Caramels -110 Pieces

Butter Rum Caramel. Read those words again. Butter. Rum. Caramel. A dream team of deliciousness! This flavor is one of our bestsellers, and with good reason. Each bite hints at molasses and oak, like a Hot-Buttered Rum! Not made with actual Rum, but you'd never know it. All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Chocolate Raspberry Handmade Caramels - 110 Pieces

Our Chocolate Raspberry Caramel is best indulged in when the air is chilly and you want to pretend you are walking barefoot through a sunshine drenched meadow nibbling on summer raspberries. Raspberries which happen to be dipped in cocoa-infused caramel. What a dreamy escape. All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Cappuccino Handmade Caramels - 110 Pieces

If you love cappuccino flavor but don't love to wait in line at the coffee shop, our Cappuccino Caramels are for you! All of the flavor of a great cup of cappuccino, without having to watch a barista make a Double Ristretto Nonfat Organic Chocolate Brownie Frappuccino Extra Hot with Foam and Whipped Cream Upside Down Double Blended for that picky hipster. Smart. Learn More

Amaretto Handmade Caramels -110 Pieces

A liqueur cool enough for The Godfather, Amaretto's almond and apricot notes really sing when combined with buttery caramel. Delicately sweet but still mellow, our Amaretto Caramel is as smooth as Michael Corleone. Don't be a wiseguy, just give it a taste. Or we'll make you an offer you can't refuse. Does not contain alcohol. Learn More

Black Raspberry Handmade Caramels - 110 pieces

Black Raspberry Caramel is definitely the wild child in our caramel family. Less tart than blackberry and sweeter than red raspberry the flavor is truly exquisite. Ripe, juicy berries are mellowed by buttery caramel. It really is berry delicious. Sorry about that. All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Maple Handmade Caramels - 110 pieces

Maple sugar and caramel just make sense together. Our Maple Caramel is like sitting down to a tall stack of pancakes drenched in melty butter and maple syrup. But without all of those carbs! Not to get SAPPY about it, but this caramel is one that we are really in love with, and think you will be too. All-Natural & Gluten-Free. Learn More

Sea Salt Handmade Caramels - 110 pieces

Ahoy! Our Sea Salt Caramels are our second bestseller, and with good reason, they are fantastic. Our buttery caramel is flecked with teensy hits of sea salt for just the right flavor explosion on your palate. Matey, we don't think you will find a better sea salt caramel, and we sure hope you agree. All-Natural & Gluten-Free Learn More

Chocolate Sea Salt Handmade Caramels - 110 pieces

Caramel, chocolate and sea salt makes for a delicious variation on our popular Sea Salt Caramels. Dark cocoa flavor brings a decadent complexity, and the addition of crunchy bits of sea salt intensifies their mouthwatering appeal. Each handmade caramel is approximately 4.5" long and wrapped in a clear wrapper. All-natural and gluten-free. Learn More

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