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Love Note 5pc Truffles

Special Price $8

Regular Price: $12

Passion Fruit Hearts 6pc

Special Price $8

Regular Price: $12

Passion Fruit Hearts 6pc These heart shaped chocolates have a tart and tangy passion fruit mousse encased in layers of white chocolate on a dark chocolate base. Each heart is air-brushed with naturally-colored cocoa butter. Learn More

Round Caramel Canister - 60 Pieces (Assorted Flavors)

From: $39

Annie B’s round canister of caramels is a fun and unique package to give as a gift or keep filled with a stash of caramels for yourself. Canister contains 10 pieces each of Original, Chocolate, Butter Rum, Sea Salt, Amaretto, and Black Raspberry flavored caramels

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Signature Gift Tote

A beautiful and delicious gift! Our signature tote is filled with Oprah’s Favorite Gift - our rustic wooden box of 35 assorted caramels including original, sea salt and butter rum caramels, and one large bag of each of our popcorn flavors including original caramel, sea salt caramel, triple treat, sharp cheddar and jalapeño cheddar.
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Caramel Polka Dot Gift Bag - Chocolate Lovers Mix

Our Chocolate Lovers Mix includes chocolate, chocolate sea salt and chocolate raspberry caramels. Learn More

Caramel Polka Dot Gift Bag - Signature Mix

Our signature mix includes 5 original caramels, 5 sea salt caramels, 5 chocolate caramels and 5 butter rum caramels. Learn More

Sharp Cheddar Popcorn Tin

Sharp Cheddar Popcorn - Our super-puffed popcorn is covered in Sharp Cheddar Cheese goodness from Wisconsin.
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Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn Tin

Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn - Ahoy, mate! If your taste buds are seeking a seaworthy adventure, look no further than our Sea Salt Caramel popcorn. Our buttery caramel popcorn is speckled with sea salt for true indulgence.
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Triple Treat Popcorn Tin

Triple Treat Popcorn - Yum! Our Triple Treat popcorn is a perfect combination of salted white popcorn, caramel popcorn and sharp cheddar popcorn.
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